Looking for quality solar power in Brisbane, Townsville or Queensland? Here’s why it’s important:

If you have any doubts about investing in solar power or solar hot water for your home or business, then the following information will finally put them to rest.  At Apollo Solar, we’re extremely passionate about all things solar. We got into the solar business because we care about preserving the environment and also because we want to help homes and businesses in Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland save money on electricity costs that seem to be rising astronomically every year.


You’ll be doing your bit to help the environment.

Whether it be our cars, washing machines or mobile phones, most things we use daily consume energy. Most of our electronics rely on sources such as coal and oil, which are in limited supply. Using the energy from coal and oil also adds to the effects of greenhouse gas, which is slowly deteriorating the environment.

On the other hand, solar power, which draws energy from the sun, isn’t going anywhere soon. It also produces natural, free energy that doesn’t burn fossil fuels.

With solar power, you can be joining countless others in the fight to reduce greenhouse gases and save the environment.


Solar power can save you money

Invest in the power of sun. Did you know that a modern air conditioner (a 24000 BTU air-conditioner) costs about $1.80 per hour of running time? Installing solar power can create significant cost savings for your home or business in Brisbane, Townsville or Queensland.

But isn’t the Queensland Solar Power Bonus Scheme over?

Even though the Queensland Government has made amendments to its solar bonus scheme, energy providers can still supply establishments with their own rebates to help serve the environment while still giving cash back.

This is on top of the long term energy savings you’ll receive from using solar power in your home. Although other establishments may have to cope with the rising and burdensome costs of electricity, you’ll be benefiting from the free energy obtained from Queensland’s sun. Read more reasons why you should be investing in solar power.


Act now: get solar power today!

The longer you delay, the you can be saving. Contact the team at Apollo Solar for an obligation-free quote today.