Fronius Inverters


Huge Range - Lots of Options

The Fronius Inverters come in power categories from 1.5kW right up to 27kW, guaranteeing suitability for virtually any system size – from a small or large family home to a large-scale commercial solar system.

Fronius inverters are available in the ranges PRIMO, SYMO, SYMO HYBRID and GALVO. All of these ranges are specifically designed to be easily integrated within the contemporary concept of "Smart grids" with future proof technology, this inverter packs a serious punch. Also available with smart integration with off-grid Selectronic Inverters, its our go-to inverter when designing off-grid energy storage systems in rural areas, due to its reliability to handle the harshest of conditions.

Optimised Energy Management

With a user-friendly interface that allows wireless monitoring of the PV system via WiFi, it avoids the need for long data cable runs from the outdoor inverter to your indoor router.

Easy in Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance

In addition, the cutting edge SnapINverter mounting technology allows for fast and easy installation as well as security from thieves and vandals.

Complimented with advanced features such as a dual maximum power point tracking (MPPT), global peak power tracking and advanced grid support, this enables the inverter to be suitable in any grid-connected photo-voltaic application.

Lasting Reliable Warranty

Fronius inverters come with a 5 & 5 year warranty. The first 5 years is a parts & labour warranty and the final 5 years is a parts only warranty. Giving you 10 years total of consumer protection and peace of mind. 

Some further advantages of the Fronius ranges include:

  • Included communication package with WiFi.

  • Ability to communicate with the user, the PV system and the grid.

  • High maximum efficiency of 97.6%

  • Easy to install due to SnapINverter technology

  • Complete monitoring support with both wireless and wired options

  • Full features of reactive power support and feed-in control.

  • Easily integrated with Battery Storage technology

  • Off-grid compatible